Sunday, 28 March 2010

Dragon podcast 1

best podcast in the world.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Chatroulette. I was not on my own.

A few things before you continue....
  • We did not ASK these people to do these things for us
  • We felt no pleasure when viewing these peoples activities
  • We did not watch them for more than 10 seconds. 10 seconds was just enough time to do a quick print screen.

Chatroulette is something that most people have discovered by now. If you haven't then here is the link:
about 89% of the people on there are havin a bit of a wank , but occassionaly you come across someone interesting like this person:

This man was dancing for us, and we enjoyed it for a brief moment before we clicked NEXT and found this very very very very beautiful man demonstrating his true lust and passion for this stuffed racoon:
Hopefully you're not feeling too traumatised...

take a few pills, stick some massive attack on, light a few candles and some incense and everything will be fine........

love love